Aerospace (Development & Manufacturing)

  • Development of primary structures for Helicopter such as Composite Rotor Blades, Cockpit, Tail Boom, Radome, Fairing, Access covers etc.
  • Manufacturing of Primary aerospace parts and sub-assemblies with monolithic & Sandwich construction, Co-cured and bonded structures such as Solar Panel substrates, Aileron, Winglets, Spars and Wing Panels etc.
  • Tool design and manufacture for aerospace structure
  • Setting-up of greenfield Composites Centre of Excellence facilities including shop layout, equipment specifications & procurement.

Prepreg Sandwich Constructions

Carbon Prepreg / Epoxy Tools

Aerospace (Testing and Allied Technologies)

  • Aircraft Structural Integrity & Failures : Analysis, Testing & Monitoring
  • Design, Development & Qualification Testing in Aircraft Programmes
  • Static, Fatigue & Testing of Aircraft & its Structural Components
  • Aircraft Ground Vibration & Structural Dynamics Testing
  • Mass Properties (Multi Axis CG & Moment of Inertia) Testing
  • Stiffness, Influence Coefficient & Backlash Tests
  • Testing of Aircraft Flight Control System Drive Chain & Components
  • Testing for Qualification of Composite Aircraft Structures & Components
  • Material Property Data Generation : ASTM Standards, Test Methods & Test Fixtures
  • Prototype Aircraft Final Assembly, Integration & Testing
  • Aircraft Loads : Understanding, Measurement & Derivation for Testing & Analysis
  • Design of Test Rigs & Allied Test Instrumentation and Test Systems
  • Ground Calibration for Flight Loads Measurements
  • Strain Gauge Technology & Applications in Testing & Service
  • Planning & Development of Test Lab Infrastructure & Facilities
  • Information Management System in Testing
  • Aircraft Life Extension, Fatigue Spectrum & Fatigue Analysis
  • Test Documentation : QTP, ATP, Test Plans & Procedures, Test Schedule/Test Order